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"65% of Swiss people flollow several influencers,

among young people it is even 95%"

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Originally founded in Liechtenstein, we have developed into a leading force in the heart of Europe, specialising in the dynamic and diverse Swiss market. We have been working for clients in Switzerland since 2015. We are part of the Adesso Group. Within our network, we have 6 Swiss locations with employees who are deeply rooted in the Swiss language.

Local expertise meets

influencer network

Our deep understanding of local culture and the latest trends, coupled with an impressive network of influencers from all kinds of backgrounds, allows us to put together campaigns that not only catch the eye, but deliver real results. Whether in Zurich, Geneva or Lugano, we know the secrets to making your brand shine anywhere in Switzerland.

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We are at home across all social media - from Instagram and YouTube to TikTok and LinkedIn. This gives us the ability to target exactly the audience you want to reach. Our strategies are always data-driven and creatively aligned to ensure that every campaign not only reaches your target audience, but is also sustainable.

Transparency and trust

We believe in a culture of openness and trust. Transparent communication and demonstrable success are the be-all and end-all for us, so that you don't just receive empty promises, but see real, measurable success.

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Decide now on your new path to success to promote your brand in Switzerland with authentic and effective influencer marketing. Let's work together to create not just visibility, but real connections and conversions.

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I really appreciate the personal exchange at eye level & the smooth communication when working with Reachbird! This is absolutely not a matter of course in a - digital - world where everything is supposed to go even faster. I always look forward to joint projects with Reachbird, because even when things get stressful, there's always a team feeling and the team always acts competently, reliably and goal-orientated!

David 'Dee' Jackson'

Entrepreneur & Influencer

We have been working with Reachbird for almost two years now and still feel that we receive excellent advice, support and assistance at all times 😊 The team is always helpful, friendly and very efficient. We look forward to many more campaigns on various channels!

Luisa Scheuerbrand

Marketing Content Manager, Soldan Holding + Bonbonspezialitäten GmbH

The collaboration with Reachbird is characterised by professionalism, creativity and fairness - I can recommend working with them at any time.

Fabian Walter | @Steuerfabi

Managing Director Steuerversum GmbH & Influencer

I have been working with Reachbird for about three years and I am very satisfied. Reachbird is one of the few influencer platforms where collaboration really works and great collaborations always come about. The platform is very easy to use and the Reachbird team is always very helpful and kind! Reachbird is one of my best and dearest partners and I look forward to further exciting and creative collaborations.

Anja Gasser

Blogger & Influencer @anjaschuschu

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