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find influencers


Search our Opt-In Influencer network. Filter by social media channel, demographics or location to find the right influencers.

engage influencers


With direct offers, our negotiation tool and in-app chat, you can easily interact with influencers and creators.

campaign management


Let influencers create content such as articles, photos or videos and use these assets for your content marketing programs.

influencer contract


You can handle the complete contract and usage right negotiations as well as influencer payments via the tool.

influencer analytics


Use social media influencers to spread your brand messages across media and monitor results in real time.

influencer marketing security


Compliance and brand security are our top priority. Compliance with regulations is integrated in our company.

We’ve got a pricing plan that’s perfect for you

Depending on your needs, you can choose the right package. Questions or individual wishes can be discussed with your account manager.


The perfect package for beginners whose focus is on influencer research and structured processes.

5,000 € / year

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Everything from Discovery! Ideal for anyone who wants to optimize campaign handling with the help of standardized processes.

7,000 € / year

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Value for money

Campaign Pro

The all-round carefree package. Work together with your team and pay your influencers transparently in RTECH.*

*In the Campaign Pro package, a fee of 7.5% is charged on the media budget. This consists of 5% KSA fee and 2.5% referral fee.

9,000 € / year

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Feature list

Extensive influencer database
Thanks to our database, you have access to over 40,000 registered influencers.
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Unlimited AI-based search of registered users (all channels)
We don't limit the searches for our database. So, we give you the freedom to search our database of over 40.000 registered influencers as long as you want, without any restrictions. In our search you can find matching influencers on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest or blogs & podcasts.
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40+ metrics and filters
You have access to our AI-powered influencer search engine (image recognition, NLP, machine learning) with integrated keyword & image search. With over 40 filters & segmentations (country, city, age, gender, follower count, prices, language, social accounts, etc.) you can find influencers on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn, blogs and podcasts.
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Tagging system
Use the tagging system to save the influencers you want to collaborate with or keep in mind. In addition, each member can create shareable links to share the saved influencer profiles within the team.
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Analysis of unregistered users for Instagram and TikTok
With the Analytics feature, we extend your influencer analysis to a network of over 250 million influencers worldwide.
10 analyses / month10 analyses / month30 analyses / month
Unlimited campaign setup & unlimited influencer selection
With this feature, you can schedule unlimited campaigns and select as many influencers for your campaigns as you want.
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Campaign chat with influencers
Communicate directly with influencers in campaign chat. Thanks to RTECH, no information is lost in email or WhatsApp conversations with the influencer.
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Reporting Dashboard
In the multifunctional reporting overview in table format, you can compare and combine all your campaign data. On four reporting levels, you can view the evaluation of your campaigns as a whole or go into depth on a granular level.
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Accounting system
Bill your campaigns directly via RTECH. This saves you from receiving individual invoices from each influencer. We handle the entire payment process for you and after the campaign is finished, you will only receive one invoice.
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Team collaboration
Add your colleagues or team members and work with them in the tool. Depending on their permissions, users can research influencers together and choose the right influencers for the campaign. Afterwards, you can also manage and evaluate the campaign together.
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Influencer Search Engine

  • AI-supported influencer search engine (Image recognition, Machine Learning, NLP)
  • Keyword & image search engine
  • 35 filters & segmentations (country, city, age, gender, prices, language, social accounts etc.)
  • Influencer relevance score
  • Influencer quick check with key KPIs
influencer search engine


Influencer & audience analysis

influencer relationship management
  • Influencer evaluation
  • Audience analysis (demographics, engagement rates, follower growth, post frequency, engagement rates by mail, hashtags, mentions, top posts)
  • Personal insights (e.g. personal introduction, driving licence, valid passport, children etc.)
  • Skills & interests (e.g. Photoshop, singing, moderation, photography etc.)
  • Past & desired cooperation partners


Influencer Relationship Management (IRM)

  • Document management system (NDAs, influencer contracts, briefings, screenshots, notes etc.)
  • Export of addresses when sending products
  • Individual influencer recruiting
influencer analytics
  • Tagging system for the creation of lists (incl. sharing-link function and direct feedback possibility)
  • Integrated influencer invitation function


Campaign Manager

  • Handling of multi-channel campaigns
  • Integrated briefing management system (incl. briefings & moodboards per social media channel)
  • Integrated real-time chat per influencer and entire campaign
influencer analytics
  • Creation of campaign plans
  • Standardized campaign process incl. approval processes & feedback loops for quality assurance & brand safety


Campaign Reporting

influencer analytics
  • All important KPIs such as enagement rates, gross and net reach, sentiment analysis etc.
  • Detailed campaign reporting
  • Sharing function
  • Budget & cost management
  • Intelligent and country-specific benchmarks
  • Image & content analysis

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