6 tips on how to write an influencer briefing

August 16, 2018

A proper influencer briefing needs to have all the information and content that is relevant to the influencer and can help him or her get an exact and clear picture of what you want. It has to clearly define the duration of the cooperation, the terms of the cooperation and the goals that you wish to achieve at the end of it all.

Make sure that the influencer briefing;

  • Speaks to the influencers at a personal level. Including their names in the briefings makes them sound more personal.

  • Clarifies to the influencer that you are contacting them concerning a campaign in which you need their cooperation.


Hello Thomas, we are planning a new and exciting campaign in which we would love to have your collaboration. Please find a detailed briefing on the campaign below.

Use vital points for your influencer briefing

Make sure that the briefing mentions and covers the following points:

  • The name of the company, the campaign and any products or services that are to be promoted in the campaign.

  • The duration over which the campaign is expected to run from the starting date to the date it stops.

  • Channels and social media platforms on which the campaign will be carried out.

  • Definitions of your priority mentions and hashtags

  • The date on which the initial round of drafts is expected to be received from the influencer. When do you want the influencer to send you his or her first submissions for approval?

  • The date on which the campaign is expected to be completed or finalized

  • The type of cooperation that you are looking for. Are you looking for collaboration on account takeover, product placements, contests, promotions, unboxing etc.

Primary objectives of the campaign

This is where you share your vision with the influencer. Make sure that they understand your objectives as well as the goals that you are hoping to achieve by the time the campaign comes to an end. Because most influencers have a good understanding of their audience, they know how to draft the messages to their followers and make sure that specific goals are achieved. When explaining the goals it is important to make note of the following:

  • Targeted awareness in terms of total reach and viewership

  • Consideration in terms of a number of comments, votes, content views, clicks etc.

  • Preferred responses in terms of brand study, sharing, liking, social listening etc.

  • Purchase related responses such as sales conversions, click on eCommerce, tracking tags, coupons etc.

  • Loyalty in terms of user-generated-content, referrals and shares etc.

Introduce the actual product to the influencer

This is where you provide a brief description of the actual service or product that you would like to promote. Making this part emotionally captivating is important as it increases the chances of getting your offer accepted.

Example: “In this campaign, we need you to be our brand ambassador for the Super-Smoothie which we are launching in stores soon. This smoothie is made with 100% natural ingredients and is great for boosting health and vitality. What could be better?

Outline the campaign rules

When doing this try not to stifle the creativity of the influencers.


  • No negative reviews or ratings

  • No mention of other brands

  • No misspelled words

  • Only proper tags and hashtags

Outline ideas for the presentation of the product or service

Depending on your preference, you can either give general ideas or outline specific ones. However, it is usually better to let the influencers have a free hand here since they understand their followers better.

Example: By showing your community how great our product is through proper product placement, let them believe and share in your passion for our smoothies. You can use humor to do this, but the idea is to maximize their interest in the smoothie and get them to respond positively to it.

Provide additional inspiration

If you have any promotional videos or images then you can share them with the influencer to give them a clearer idea of what you are expecting.

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