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November 03, 2018

10 types of influencers that will make you understand influencer marketing

Marketing requires you to wear many hats. But, instead of making things hard, why not free up time by streamlining and utilizing existing contacts, or making new ones? Ones who can wear most of the hats and do most of the influencing. Here are 10 types of influencers you need for successful marketing, and how to connect with them.

1. The experts

Everyone listens to the experts. To increase your audience, find one to do a guest post using their knowledge about something relevant to your business. This works because it works both ways, they expand their audience too.

2. Rainbow Warriors

If you can connect with an activist, you know you’ve got a true influencer; a warrior who will do whatever it takes to be heard. They talk loud and think big. If you want them on your side, invite them in and help put the world to rights.

3. The antagonists

If you can get into a debate with a notorious antagonist with a reputation for stirring things up, you’ll soon get a name for yourself too. Like any professional, when you turn things on its head, always be respectful. You might even end up on someone else’s influencer list.

4. The famous

Celebrities always have a great audience and could give you great exposure. But they will be approached constantly for PR opportunities and probably charge a hefty sum for services rendered. Still, they are great influencers. That’s why celebrity endorsed products sell better. However, if you both share the same passions, like humanitarian issues, then you never know.

5. Big names

Individuals who’ve built up a brand and made a fortune always get attention and business owners want to know their secrets. But for them, it’s all about image: fast cars, yachts, high-profile friends. Generally extroverted and like attention – give them yours; mention them on your site, feed their egos.

6. Respected figures

Finding someone who’s well respected in their profession is always a good ally. When they speak or write an article, people sit up straight and pay attention, hanging on their every word. The voice of authority may or may not have a massive Facebook following, but they’ll probably be a prolific tweeter, with an army of followers able to trend subjects, like your fascinating blog posts.

7. The brains

Anyone who works with data and provides interesting facts, figures and statistics is a credible influencer with access to the valuable material. Analysts and other maths or science professionals are always keen to collect more data, maybe you can help?

8. Social butterflies

Modern social butterflies are probably the busiest of all influencers. They live, breathe and sleep for digital networking. They probably have a database to rival MI6 and more friends on every social network platform than you, me and our families combined. Netting one of these influencers should be a doddle for anybody, especially marketers. The potential contacts you’ll make could save months of work.

9. The press

Connecting with journalists is a great way to expand your audience. If they write an exclusive about how awesome your business is, it could put your readership numbers on steroids. Avoid the spotlight and get ready for the limelight by offering something valuable; something newsworthy. Do you do charity work?

10. The inside man

Journalists know how important insider information is. Adopting their attitude to get access to compelling inside information is a great asset. In any organization, you’ll find an influential member of management who likes to talk about their agendas. Just be careful you don’t upset them and meet in a neutral place.

Basically, that’s all there is to know about the different types of influencers. So it´s time to decide which influencer fits your brand the most.

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