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Munich, 04.12.2019 - Reachbird is the second influencer marketing platform in the German-speaking area to become an official Pinterest partner and receives a programming interface (Creator API). Thus the Full-service Influencer Marketing Agency Reachbird extends its power spectrum also on Pinterest. Enterprises and marks profit from numerous advantages, if they play out their influencer marketing campaigns also on Pinterest: the purchase intention of the Pinner, good linking possibilities of e.g., products, a long half-life of the pins and an organic growth. The Influencer Marketing API allows Reachbird to implement data-based campaigns on Pinterest in the future. Currently, Reachbird is intensively testing the possible campaign forms on Pinterest with some selected customers.

Pinterest has globally over 322 million monthly active users. The users are characterized by a high level of intention and buying intention. They search specifically for ideas, products, and tips from experts. Brand contents are not only welcome but essential on the platform and make up the majority of the contents. Reachbird takes up this potential and offers enterprises the chance to extend their influencer marketing strategies besides Instagram, YouTube, and Blogs in the future, also on Pinterest. Via the influencer marketing platform Reachbird, companies or agencies can identify and select the creators that match their brand and campaign. Creators produce and share content. The Reachbird platform also controls the delivery of brand content, campaign management, and provides detailed analysis of content creators and campaign reporting.

„On Pinterest, companies can reach people early in the inspiration process if they are open to discovering new things. We look forward to working with Reachbird to show more brands and influencers how their content can inspire and reach new audiences on Pinterest,” says Jana Würfel, Head of Growth Operations DACH at Pinterest.

Brands and Creators have the ability to reach users exactly when they choose a service or product. To make shopping on Pinterest even easier, brands and creators can use formats such as product pins or “shop the look” pins. By “saving” pins on a pinboard, content generated by users, creators, companies, or publishers can be distributed on Pinterest.

The strength of influencer marketing campaigns on Pinterest is their diversity and scalability in terms of design, content sources, and distribution channels. It can be particularly interesting for companies and brands to use Pinterest as part of a cross-media influencer campaign in order to organically extend the content created or to expand the concept of the campaign.

„Pinterest can not only build traffic for brands and creators, but also increase awareness and conversion. We are excited about the integration of the Pinterest interface into our platform, which will provide our customers’ influencer marketing campaigns with completely new target groups, impulses and reach. Branding’s focus will thus be extended to conversion“, forecasts Philipp Martin, CEO ans Co-Founder of Reachbird.


Term Explanation
Pinterest Pinterest is a visual search engine for discovering ideas. Here people get inspiration for their lives, from everyday things like recipes or styling ideas, to seasonal events like Christmas, to big events like a wedding or the birth of a child. Worldwide, Pinterest has more than 300 million active users per month who have saved more than 200 billion pins on their pinboards.
Pin On Pinterest there are pins instead of posts. These pins are mostly professional content from brands, creators and publishers. Pins stand for ideas and users can remember them on their pinboards. You can distinguish between static pins, video pins and story pins.
Pinner The users on Pinterest are called Pinners.
Creator Short for Content Creators. Similar to influencers, they produce and share content on Pinterest.
“Merken” Pinterest works similar to a search engine, but visually. People get content here that fits their personal taste. If they like an idea, they can save it on a pinboard. Saving is not only possible on Pinterest itself. Each Pinner can download a browser plugin, with which he can save ideas from the Internet on Pinterest. This in turn makes it possible to bring new users back to this website.

About Reachbird AG:
Founded in Liechtenstein in 2015, the company offers brands and their agencies access to the entire Influencer Marketing Eco-System. Reachbird stands for a unique combination of technology, know-how & service, research, consulting and trend development. Reachbird’s technology enables companies and agencies to identify and select social influencers based on data that match the brand and campaign. The AI-supported platform also controls the entire delivery and management of the campaigns and enables detailed analyses of the influencers and automated campaign reporting. In addition to innovative all-in-one technology, Reachbird offers comprehensive services such as strategic consulting and campaign development as well as market research via social media. Global brands such as Coca-Cola, Lindt & Sprüngli, Mövenpick, Artdeco, Veltins and numerous international agencies such as Serviceplan and OMD rely on Reachbird.

Our Mission Statement: The Influencer Marketing Eco-System

Founder & Managing Director:
Benedikt Ess (Co-Founder & COO)
Julian Freese (Co-Founder & CMO)
Philipp Martin (Co-Founder & CEO)

Here you can find us:
Website: Blog:

Press contact:
Reachbird AG
Julian Freese
Phone: +49 (0) 89 411 117 206

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