Press release - Reachbird becomes LinkedIn API partner and reaches out to business influencers

Reachbird, one of the foremost influencer marketing agencies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, is making it easier to launch and manage influencer campaigns on LinkedIn. The adesso subsidiary’s RTECH influencer marketing platform is now con-nected to the business network LinkedIn through an application programming inter-face (API), allowing companies to access the latest data to plan and evaluate their campaigns.

Over the past few years, LinkedIn has become a major player on the social media scene and an increasingly important channel for corporate communications. With a constantly growing number of companies and brands using LinkedIn to showcase their products and services and provide information on relevant, professional topics, the business network is far more than a convenient networking and recruiting tool. In the highly competitive B2B market, high-reach influencers are therefore a good way of strengthening a company’s own visibility in the eyes of relevant target groups and drawing attention to topics that are important to it. More and more, LinkedIn is becoming a platform where influencers also play a role, just like on In-stagram, TikTok and other social networks.

Thanks to its API, Reachbird has now integrated LinkedIn into its RTECH influencer marketing platform. The interface makes it fast and easy for companies and agencies to identify and se-lect the right LinkedIn influencers for their brands and campaigns – a major plus for Reachbird clients. The integration helps take marketing strategies to the next level and achieve greater reach.

As an official marketing API partner, Reachbird has direct access to influencer and creator data from LinkedIn. That allows Reachbird to start supplying its clients with valuable infor-mation on metrics such as follower growth, post frequency and engagement rate, and lets it efficiently support campaign analysis and billing. RTECH’s AI-based technology guides cam-paign delivery and management while facilitating automated analysis and reporting.

Wide range of influencer marketing services

Reachbird’s portfolio includes the all-in-one platform RTECH, along with comprehensive ser-vices such as strategic consulting, conceptualisation, full-service campaign management and reporting. The influencer marketing agency also offers businesses a corporate influencer programme to train employees so that they can become company ambassadors. Reachbird’s social media experts teach candidates how they can develop effective social media guidelines and launch high-impact online campaigns. In training sessions, Reachbird strategists show selected staff what sets good content apart, which formats and platforms there are, and where potential liability risks lie.

The Reachbird influencer marketing portfolio is part of adesso’s Digital Experience business segment, where the IT service provider offers businesses a full-service range of integrated, digital support options for their marketing activities. The experts review the measures and technologies that are best suited for positioning a brand by performing comprehensive analy-sis, making technical adjustments and planning content management.

“LinkedIn is the world’s largest business platform, with more than 900 million members. That makes it a major hub for exchange and sharing industry-specific information,” says Manuel Kekeisen, Agency Development Lead DACH at LinkedIn. “Recommending a relevant and fit-ting B2B influencer for a product or service gives a campaign the necessary portion of au-thenticity and ensures greater visibility among the desired target group. We’re happy that Reachbird now offers its RTECH influencer marketing platform for LinkedIn. The integration makes it easy for businesses to increase their reach on our platform while remaining highly professional.”

“LinkedIn plays an extremely important role in B2B marketing. Articles by experts are wel-comed with open arms, often resulting in valuable exchange among specialists,” says Philipp Martin, Managing Director of Reachbird. “When it comes to communicating, businesses should leverage their expertise, network and staff, as well as external influencers with the po-tential to increase reach and visibility in the process. Our RTECH platform lets us find the right influencer for any brand. We also handle campaign implementation, from strategy and content planning to making sure influencers get paid. That lets us lay the groundwork for successful communication that is custom-tailored to the company and the audience on the platform.”

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