adesso subsidiary Reachbird makes influencer campaigns measurable

November 11, 2021

• Reachbird agency expands influencer platform to include new features • Even better measurement of the influence of advertising campaigns on social media • More transparency of campaigns for customers and content creators

Munich, 11 November 2021 – Influencer marketing has developed into a billion-dollar advertising market worldwide. In Germany, too, more and more companies are using influencers in social networks for their advertising. But just how successful is this as a form of marketing? The adesso agency Reachbird has enhanced its analysis tool for brands and agencies and now facilitates the improved and more precise measurement and comparison of campaigns.

Having a good overview of the results of current campaigns is what matters when it comes to influencer marketing. It is the only way for companies to determine and compare the reach, influence and level of impact of influencers. Even in the online world, marketing managers need to know whether their creative ideas are striking a chord with followers through the selected influencers. For this purpose, Reachbird has expanded its successful influencer marketing platform RTECH to include a monitoring dashboard that offers marketing managers a live, up-dated campaign overview with all the important key figures and comparison options for the influencers used.

This type of data analysis is crucial for measuring the success of influencer marketing campaigns. Important figures such as KPIs and benchmarks help with this, as do the experiences from previous campaigns and influencer collaborations. The updated platform will support customers of Reachbird going forward as they put their campaign goals into operation at all levels by identifying the most successful campaigns on the basis of pertinent figures and the best performers among the influencers through the engagement rate per post.


Features in detail The new campaign monitoring dashboard provides a live overview of complex and individual influencer marketing KPIs in table format, allowing both completed and live campaigns to be monitored, optimised and compared. The dashboard is divided into four main sections: Dashboards, Campaigns, Influencers and Actions. In it, the results can be selected depending on their content in the view as required. The selected data can also be exported as a .csv file in order to carry out an effective analysis with external parties, for example. Customers with more than one campaign or participants in Reachbird’s brand ambassador programme can use additional filter options to select and analyse additional figures and data as desired.

For Reachbird founder and CEO Philipp Martin, the improved platform represents a valuable development for his influencer agency portfolio: “We have been working on the professionalisation of influencer marketing for many years. Throughout this process, the feedback of our customers and creators that we work with has also been very important. A key part of that professionalisation is measuring performance and comparing campaigns – something we have implemented with our development team in recent months and greatly expanded in RTECH. As a result, measuring the performance of influencer marketing is even easier and therefore also more interesting for our advertising partners.”

The Reachbird team joined in July, allowing the IT service provider adesso to expand the range of services on offer to companies in the Digital Experience division. In this division, online marketing experts create digital customer experiences on behalf of companies from a wide range of industries based on innovative strategies and technologies for a successful customer journey.

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