Digital content marketplaces are trending - How to generate revenue as a creator with high-quality content

by Guest author Fanbase

September 29, 2021

Many content creators have managed to turn their hobby into a profession, or are at least working on it. By 2019, the “passion economy” has already grown to a market value of US $100 billion worldwide.

While in the past many kids wanted to become an astronaut when growing up, today it is the dream of Generation Z to become influencers. In general, for many, earning money with their passion is a dream. But especially the latter is not a given.

It is not always easy to generate a fixed and predictable income as a content creator. On the one hand, target audiences are used to finding a lot of free content on the web, on the other hand, brand collaborations may end as quickly as they emerged in the first place. So, why not build another, independent income stream?

Followers, likes, clicks and hearties are great. It is psychologically proven that it makes people feel good, when someone likes their post. We love it, and there’s no shaking that. Unfortunately, this is not enough to pay the rent, etc., is it?


  1. Turn Followers Into Fans
  2. 100 real fans
  3. Exclusive Content

1. Turn Followers Into Fans

How many followers do I need, in order for me as a content creator to earn a real salary, to finance daily life, and above all, to have a regular source of income? These are questions you have surely asked yourself! And you are not alone! Almost every content creator has had to deal with the concern of earning money.

The topic of finances is one of the biggest fears among creators. To free yourself from these worries, you should diversify your own income in the best way possible. Meaning, you can have a predictable and stable income while you are making yourself independent of individual partners or channels.

So how do you make money as a content creator, monetize your great content and diversify financially?

There are many monetization opportunities for content creators:

  • Advertising deals
  • Partnerships
  • Pay per view
  • Virtual currency and donations
  • Creator Funds
  • Merchandise items
  • Live performances
  • Social E-Commerce Platforms

If you want to expand your income or build up another independent pillar, then the last point of “Social-Commerce-Platforms” might be just the right one for you and your content! With these digital marketplaces you can offer and sell your digital content directly to your fans - in whatever way that works best for you!, for example, is a new creator platform that is both a social marketplace for great content, as well as a new way to interact with fans. A platform like Fanbase is worthwhile if you:

  • Want to build a digital product.
  • Want to monetize content independently.
  • Are considering building your own homepage.
  • Looking for a 100% professional environment that takes care of everything beyond content (billing, tax, design, etc.).
  • Prefer a solution with all the important features.

Fanbase is the home for all content creators, no matter if fitness trainer, musician, DIY blogger, business coach, digital artist or nutritionist. In the first place, it doesn’t matter how many followers you have, you can still create content right now and get started on Fanbase.

2. 100 real fans

First of all, the good news is that you don’t necessarily need a lot of followers. It’s even enough, if not even 100 (but of course the more the merrier) followers on social media channels like YouTube or Instagram become real fans on and pay for your customized products and exclusive access.

Loyal fans are willing to pay for content that adds value to their lives. And fans are willing to pay higher prices when a product has a truly transformative impact on their lives.

For example, you can sell a monthly subscription of 10€ to 1000 fans or a program for 100€ to 100 true fans. With either option, you continue to build your annual income.

Remember: It’s perfectly okay to charge money for your content!!! You put your time into your work! You are worth it!

3. Exclusive Content

So, if you enjoy inspiring and teaching others, you can start your own program and offer it for sale, for example on Fanbase offers all the features and tools you need, in order to be a content creator, using one single platform and creating a professional environment.

Fanbase supports Content Creator ● With various file formats to upload ● With integrated billing and tax reporting ● With a chat function for community interaction ● With monetization options, such as subscriptions or one-time payments ● Sending digital content directly to fans via DM - free or paid ● By displaying the entire social media following

To keep being passionate about being a creator, you should be able to only focus on your personal content. That means you shouldn’t spend your valuable time on annoying tasks like writing invoices, tracking payments, and sorting signups. Therefore, the platform will take care of these tasks for you. In short, you focus on your great content and Fanbase takes care of the annoying rest!

Every creator has different content and also a different business model. Depending on what your current revenue streams are, you can easily supplement them with Fanbase. It is about diversifying your income in an uncomplicated way. But remember, you don’t have to change your previous channels and agreement.

Fanbase also offers the free link-in-bio option, like sites such as do. With Fanbase, the advantage is that a follower then also immediately lands on the page where they can purchase digital products. For example, you can use Fanbase simply as an individual link-in-bio for your Instagram. And if you want, you can gradually expand your Fanbase profile and also offer your own digital contents for sale.

Getting started on is for free. Fanbase earns a small commission when you start earning money on the platform. Try it out and create a profile right now. Share your great content with your fans. Independently and flexibly in your preferred content format. Additionally, you can build an even closer relationship with your fans through the chat either individually or in groups.

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