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We support companies and influencers who recognize the socio-political opportunities of their reach and the associated responsibility.

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Discover an innovative dimension that goes beyond pure entertainment with our new unit: inform + educate.

Bring socially relevant topics to life

At Reachbird, we believe in the power of collaboration between influencers and brands to spark important conversations and educate. Our mission is to bring depth and substance to the world of influencer marketing. With our groundbreaking INFOencing campaigns, we set new standards in the German-speaking agency landscape.

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For us, it's about more than just product sales and brand awareness. We aim to create a real impact that positively influences society and culture. Our campaigns are carefully designed to open dialogs, spread knowledge and promote sustainable change.

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Let's push boundaries together and redefine the way brands and influencers work together. With Reachbird by your side, you can count on creating campaigns that are not only heard, but also felt, and that have a lasting impact.

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Collaborations where the focus is not on PR or products, but where educational content is communicated, bring my community and I the greatest added value and the most fun. I am glad that Reachbird is promoting precisely such information campaigns with its own unit.

Fabian Walter

Influencer @Steuerfabi

I am very selective when it comes to cooperations on my financial channel and don't want to advertise products in a bold way - I am therefore pleased that Reachbird is increasingly setting up and implementing information and education campaigns with its advertising partners.

Hava Misimi

Influencerin @femance_finanzen

Social media are much more than just entertainment platforms, they are media in name where users actually get all the information they need and that doesn't stop with products. In fact, they almost demand it.

Philipp Martin

CEO, Reachbird

I am very grateful to have been part of this valuable campaign. The gender health gap is an important topic that needs to be talked about more! All the better that such a large company like Roche is focusing on the topic instead of products. It was a matter close to my heart to implement this campaign together with Roche.

Anna Adamyan

Influencerin @annaadamyan

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