adesso and Reachbird celebrate 100 years of Em-eukal with Dr. C. SOLDAN

July 27, 2023

• Digital marketing support from adesso digital agency • Coordinating the SOLDAN social media channels • Integrated marketing support for live events • adesso subsidiary Reachbird delivers influencer marketing campaign for Em-eukal

As of 2023, people have been sucking on Em-eukal herbal drops for 100 years. To celebrate this anniversary, Dr. C. SOLDAN – a traditional family business situated in Adelsdorf, Germany – is enlisting the support of the campaign and influencer marketing experts at adesso. Their aim is to design a campaign to celebrate 100 years of Em-eukal with a particular focus on a younger target audience.

Everybody knows the cough and throat drops with the famous red and white flag. When planning its celebrations to mark the occasion, the established company opted to move with the times and work with experts in the latest digital and online marketing concepts. On behalf of SOLDAN, adesso has created an integrated cross-channel marketing campaign with live events and influencer marketing on the social media channels of the popular lozenge brand. Alongside a strong visual presence on SOLDAN’s own social media channels, chosen influencers will also be used on Instagram to appeal to younger consumers.

adesso was selected to be the digital agency in charge of the design, planning and implementation of the Em-eukal anniversary campaign for 2023, including responsibility for the media budget. In addition to the design for brand and consumer experience, adesso’s concept includes marketing support for two large live music festivals this summer (with Em-eukal stands at Splash! and Melt). A further eight OOH activations with products from a leading dialogue marketing provider will run throughout Germany between now and the end of the year.

The influencer experts at the adesso subsidiary Reachbird have been working with SOLDAN since 2021. To celebrate this milestone year, they will use a mix of long-standing influencers and newly acquired influencers on the Em-eukal campaign. When selecting the influencers with the most appeal to new groups of buyers for Em-eukal, it is crucial that they have a young, loyal and committed community of followers on social media channels. The anniversary campaign was able to reach some 2.4 million people thanks to six influencers, including @junkimart, @leakatharinamaria and @onlylennard.

Owner and managing partner Perry Soldan, the great-grandchild of founder Dr. Carl Soldan, is very enthusiastic about the campaign support: “In line with our deeply rooted vision of offering a lifetime of surprises, our traditional Em-eukal brand has managed to impress consumers with this year’s anniversary campaign while outdoing itself at the same time. Through innovative approaches and a fresh, new look, it has surprised a new target group in extraordinary ways.”

For Usama Abu-Pascha, Online Marketing Specialist at adesso and CEO of Reachbird, the collaboration between adesso and Reachbird for SOLDAN Em-eukal is an example of focused, integrated support for omnichannel campaigns: “Our marketing specialists have crafted an innovative and creative campaign, seamlessly incorporating elements of online and out-of-home marketing with customer experience management, social media communication and influencer marketing to ensure that consumers are effectively reached on all channels. We are delighted that SOLDAN has chosen to celebrate its 100th anniversary with us as its digital agency.”

adesso and Reachbird will continue to support SOLDAN Em-eukal throughout the anniversary year of 2023 as its digital and influencer marketing partner.

Below is a selection of links to influencer content for Em-eukal: Instagram reel by Junkimart: To the reel Instagram reel by leakatharinamaria: To the reel Instagram reel by onlylennard: To the reel

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